Best Picture Nominees in Lego: 127 Hours of Fun!

· Lego renderings are intrinsically cute, but rarely are they this provocative. Look at the pain in Lego Hiker's eyes as he realizes his arm is caught underneath a beige lego boulder. Devastating. The Inception Legos are also dreamy. [Gawker]



· If Best Picture movie posters told the truth, they'd look like this. The Toy Story 3 one is tops. (Ignore the lying Fighter poster -- Its tagline is simply not true.) [Buzzfeed]

· I can't help that NBC Thursday is an undeniable highlight of my week. This interview with Joel McHale reaffirms my passion. [Zap2It]

· Taraji P. Henson shot a naked ad for PETA. I assume the ad is for Rihanna impersonators. [E! Online]

· Will Off the Map be off the air soon? Mamie Gummer, say these ratings aren't so. [ONTD]