Watch Ke$ha's Crunk New Version of the Cinderella Sewing Scene

· First things first: I like Ke$ha. I think she's more self-effacing than most pop stars, and I think she makes (and writes!) better hits than most of her contemporaries. I accept her when she adds dryhump flavor to a classic Disney scene, as she does here. It's funny! Vile! Maybe just vile. But I like that, OK? [Funny Or Die]

· Penn Badgley's comfortable with dissing Gossip Girl now. But what if I'm not? [AMNY]

· Joseph Gordon-Levitt got some great quotes from himself about his new movie Looper. [ONTD]

· Barack Obama's Nielsen standings were so un-presidential. [THR]

· Finally, TVLine's Michael Slezak is sizing up the remaining contenders on Top Chef: All-Stars. My vote is for Tom Colicchio's "serious" face. [TVLine]


  • HwoodHills says:

    How long will it be until Disney's legal team makes them take it down?
    (I'm guessing by lunch on Thursday?)