Jon Favreau Did Not Write the State of the Union Address

jon_favreau_120.jpgHow about Barack Obama's State of the Union address last night? Wasn't it -- um, muted? Yeah, it was. Still, that probably had more to do with the state of the country and the recent shootings in Arizona -- plus the awkward bipartisan seating arrangement -- than anything else. As such, let's give it up to Jon Favreau for making chicken salad out of chicken you-know-what! Not that Jon Favreau. "Thanks for all the congratulations," the Cowboys & Aliens director wrote on Twitter. "But I didn't write the State of the Union address." No truth to the rumor that Political Favreau -- the president's speech writer -- walks around the White House talking about how he's BFF with Robert Downey Jr. [@Jon_Favreau]