Jesse Eisenberg Reponds to his 'Oscar Nod' and Stefon Can't Finish His Lines: Two New SNL Clips

Two new SNL videos have emerged from Studio 8H on this lazy Wednesday afternoon: The first highlights a pair of promos for this weekend's Jesse Eisenberg-hosted show, where Bill Hader congratulates The Social Network star for his Oscar nomination. Standard stuff. Not the second video, though, which features a rare look at the SNL dress rehearsal. Have you ever wanted to see Seth Meyers sarcastically berate the crowd for not responding correctly to his "Update" jokes -- a sin which means that joke will not air during the live broadcast? Here's your chance! Also, if you think that Hader has difficulty getting through his lines as Stefon on the live broadcasts, you really need to watch how hard it is for him at dress rehearsal.


  • OldTowneTavern says:

    I tried clicking on the Seth Meyers link and I got the never ending loading circle... after the commercial, which of course, played without difficulty.

  • Kristen says:

    I wish it was acceptable for Seth to ridicule the audience during actual broadcasts.

  • MDEP says:

    Really NBC, a promo to watch a promo? REALLY?
    I thought the Weekend Update jokes that did not make it were hysterical. I was laughing the whole time. Weekend Update is my favorite part of SNL, I think it always delivers something funny.

  • WhereForArtThouClips says:

    Same happened to me, on both clips. I'm left with feeling somewhat sure the clips are funny, pretty sure I'll never be able to watch them, at least here, and absolutely positive I never want to buy a Ford Truck.