Introducing Movieline's Awards-Season Trading Cards: Collect Them All!

From swag suites to swank dinners, awards-season darlings are never wanting for cool free stuff this time of year. But what do you get out of the mix, dear reader, besides a slew of print and TV ads reminding you how freaking great The Social Network is? Or videos pitting James Franco against the world? This has to change. To wit: Who wants some Awards-Season Trading Cards, courtesy of Movieline?

In the spirit and style of 1983 Topps baseball cards, here come the true reward of the Oscar hunt: 25 cards recognizing each of the nominees in the directing and acting categories. Each comes with helpful biographical and filmographic details to share with your friends; they're not quite tradeable at this time, but save your favorite nominees and maybe they'll be worth something 15 or 20 years from now. I mean, face it: Hailee Steinfeld's rookie card isn't going to lose value any time soon, right?

To start off with, however, let's clip and save Best Actor nominee Colin Firth. And return tomorrow -- and every weekday until the Feb. 27 Oscarcast -- for a daily glimpse at the latest nominee immortalized where it counts.

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  • The Winchester says:

    Hot diggity daffodil! I can't wait to print my James Franco card up, then someday meet him and have him do something weird and meta and performance art based with it!

  • Martini Shark says:

    "Mr. Bridges? would you mind signing this for me, please? And could you make it out to The Dude? That'd be so awesome!"

  • Sam says:

    Ummm... seriously, are you guys going to be producing these? I'd totally buy a set... my wife would go crazy... these need to be made and either sold or given away. Not joking, there is a market for these and a yearly set featuring nominees would be a brilliant idea.

  • Sam says:

    Just curious, why was my previous comment posted, then deleted? I was dead serious and thought it was a useful comment. Didn't know I was going to be censored...

  • Sorry about that, Sam! No one deleted anything; it somehow got picked up by our spam filter. I went looking for it and have since restored it. Apologies again, thanks for the kind words! And... no, we will not be physically producing them, alas.

  • Sam says:

    Drat! Spam filtered again! Hate when that happens...
    Drat again! Foiled again! Well, they are pretty sweet looking cards. As an avid card collector (baseball mainly) and with a wife who is quite the movie buff, we would LOVE a set like this! They look great, are topical and fill a gap in the collecting hobby world. Topps should pay attention to what you're doing here. I only wish I was employed in the industry!!!! I'd make this happen!