Gatoroid Vs. Mega-Python Promo: A Cautionary Tale About Animal Steroid Use

Before you spend the rest of your day processing the Oscar Nominations and ensuing analysis, why not step out of prestige-land and relax for a second with the new trailer for SyFy's Gatoroid vs. Mega Python? As the title promises, it has both a Gatoroid and a Mega-Python; Sometimes they fight each other, and sometimes they split up to eat low-flying blimps. Absent from the title, but still in the film is some sort of cat fight between Deborah Gibson and Tiffany, which is apparently pretty significant if you are familiar with Mega Shark and Mega-Piranha or the old music rivalry between the two. If you're not, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Actually, just forget the cat fight. If anything is going to sink this movie (which sounds fool-proof, conceptually), it's the fact that these two actresses look like they are having a little too much cheeky fun being VIP jerks to each other. It's a short promo, so maybe their wit is a bit more nuanced in the full length version, but their bickering looks pretty unbearable here.

But Gatoroid and Mega-Python are in top form as they crush buildings and eat blimps. Apparently these guys were created by steroids. I applaud Syfy for giving a little depth to these silly movies and sending out a positive message about drug use to the kids.

As for the battle itself, it seems that if Mega-Python can jump up in the sky and eat a blimp and then devour an explosive gas tanker, poor Gatoroid is going to be the underdog here. My heart goes out to him.

Verdict: I'm still taking Crocosaurus for the win.