What Do Alec Baldwin and Derek Jeter Have in Common?

AlecBaldwin225.jpgAlec Baldwin is a New York-based television star and Derek Jeter is a New-York based athlete who dates television stars. Apart from their allegiance to the Empire State -- and their explorations in television stardom -- the New York Daily News claims that the odd couple have another shared interest of the criminal nature. Can you guess what it is before clicking through?

If you guessed that both stars committed the heinous crime of squandering their rare talent during a recent episode of The Barefoot Contessa, you're wrong. That was just Alec Baldwin.

However, both stars have been investigated for tax evasion, as both the actor and athlete have spent a significant amount of time in their New York City homes, yet claim that their primary residences are elsewhere to allegedly avoid the city's expensive income taxes. Baldwin was audited in 2009 after citing the Hamptons as his home while also living in his Central Park West co-op during production on 30 Rock. The year before, Jeter sold his NYC co-op and managed to resolve his tax issue in private.

To prove that they spent more time outside of the Big Apple, both Baldwin and Jeter (or their assistants) were forced to compile everything from credit card receipts to parking tickets to computer records as evidence. And you thought that the tax complications from your second and third homes were bad!

· City takes aim at rich, famous like Alec Baldwin, Derek Jeter, who may be fibbing on where they live [NYDN]