Watch The Fine Brothers Spoil 50 Comedies in 3 Minutes

· The most impressive thing about the latest bit of Fine Brothers spoiling madness? The same thing that makes all their videos impressive: They do it in one take. Click ahead to watch their vocal dexterity -- but be prepared to have stuff like Tommy Boy spoiled for you. Then, stick around for more Buzz Break.

[via /Film]

· Real world news to break up your entertainment fix: Rahm Emanuel was booted off the ballot for Chicago mayor in an appellate court decision. Here's hoping Andy Samberg has his expletive-soaked impression of Rahm prepared for Saturday Night Live this weekend. [Sun Times]

· More Sundance dealings: IFC has picked up The Ledge co-starring Patrick Wilson and Terrence Howard. [Deadline]

· Movieline hero Ben Schwartz has been cast alongside Don Cheadle in Showtime's dark comedy House of Lies. [Deadline]

· Burlesque star Christina Aguilera will sing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl on Feb. 6. Expect many vocal flourishes and hand gestures. [THR]


  • SD says:

    Animal House: "The Dean lets the kids back into college" - erm ok, hardly spoiling the ending there.
    And American Pie: "All the friends lose their virginity" is only 3/4 right as Chris Klein didn't.
    It's hard to spoil a comedy as what they said didn't really spoil anything for movies I hadn't seen or couldn't remember. I would rather have a "She's a man, it's a sled, Vader's his father, Bruce is a ghost, Dumbledore dies" type spoiler fest.