Sundance Sales Roundup: My Idiot Brother, Like Crazy and More Coming to Theaters

my_idiot_brother_225.jpgJudging by the flurry of high-profile buying activity this weekend at Sundance, it looks as if distributors think independent film may be somewhat profitable again. Let's hope that the theatrical releases of the latest batch of acquisitions don't prove them wrong. Here's a rundown of the next Sundance films headed to a theater near you, including Paul Rudd as a hippie, this year's seminal indie love-story, and the Antonio Banderas/Snoop Dog thrill ride you've been waiting for.

The Film: The Big Bang

The Distributor: Fox Searchlight

What is it?: An "action-packed thrill ride" of some sort starring Antonio Banderas James Van Der Beek, Sam Elliott and Snoop Dogg.

Release Date: The Second Quarter of 2011


The Film: Homework

The Distributor: Fox Searchlight

What is it?: A privileged, fatalistic teenager meets a complicated girl who may turn his life around. Yep, it's still Sundance. Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore co-star.

Release Date: 2011


The Film: Like Crazy

The Distributor: Paramount and Indian Paintbrush

What is it?: A British college student falls for an American student, but then Visa troubles force them to go long distance with their love. And I guess things get, like...crazy? Sorry. It stars Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin. The title and synopsis make it sound like another hip love story told by a quirky commercial director a la 500 Days of Summer, but early positive reviews have said that the film is heartfelt and amazingly well-acted.

Release Date: Unknown.


The Film: Margin Call

The Distributor: Roadside Attractions and Lion's Gate

What is it? An ensemble drama with Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Zachary Quinto, Penn Badgley, Simon Baker, Mary McDonnell and Stanley Tucci that takes place during the 24-hour period at the start of the financial collapse of 2008. Escapists, look elsewhere.

Release Date: Unknown.


The Film: My Idiot Brother

The Distributor: The Weinstein Company and Ron Burkle

What is it?: Ensemble family comedy in which Paul Rudd plays a paroled hippie pot-dealer who wreaks lovable havoc on the lives of his sisters (Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Elizabeth Banks) as he lives in each of their apartments. This one's from the producers of Little Ms. Sunshine, so expect a slightly heart-warming, slightly edgy dysfunctional family comedy with one of the most likable casts of all-time.

Release Date: Unknown, but it's going wide!


The Film: Red State

The Distributor: Kevin Smith

What is it?: Kevin Smith's evangelical horror/action movie! You know this one!

Release Date: The film's supposed to hit theaters October 19, but first Smith's taking this one on tour first. See it early for more money in these locations:

March 5th -- Radio City Music Hall, New York

March 6th -- Wilbur Theater, Boston

March 8th -- Harris Theater, Chicago

March 9th -- State Theater, Minneapolis

March 10th -- Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor

March 11th -- Clowes Memorial Hall, Indianapolis

March 12th -- Midland Theater, Kansas City

March 14th -- Clark State Pac, Springfield, OH

March 22nd -- Paramount Theater, Denver

March 26th -- McCalister theater, New Orleans

March 28th -- Paramount Theater, Austin

March 29th -- Cobb Energy Center, Atlanta

April 4th -- McCaw Hall, Seattle

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