Is True Grit the Bipartisan Oscar Film You've Been Waiting For?

truegrit_rev_thumb.jpgWhether or not True Grit is able to score loads of Oscar nominations on Tuesday morning remains to be seen, but perhaps the Coen Brothers smash hit remake has a higher calling: Political fence mending. "In our current winter of high domestic anxiety, as in the politically tumultuous American summer of 1969, [True Grit] is a hit with the national mass audience and elite critics alike," wrote columnist Frank Rich in the New York Times over the weekend. "The new version is doing as well in New York and Los Angeles as in red Cheneyland." If Barack Obama is reading this, he'd be wise to include a few Cogburn-isms in his State of the Union address. Just with better enunciation. [NYT]


  • metroville says:

    The NRA must be stupefied by this dichotomy:
    "We hate words... But we love guns!

  • Martini Shark says:

    So titles such as "Knight and Day", "Killers", and "True Grit" have nothing to do with the coursening of the country, but someone puts up a map with cross-hairs and and they are to blame?
    I'm tossing out my 3-pack of "Bourne" movies just to be safe.