Conangate Resumes: Jay Leno to Receive Hasty Pudding Award


Level your javelins, Team Coco: Jay Leno was just named Harvard's 2011 Hasty Pudding Man of the Year. Just before you assume, "Oh, Conan O'Brien already won the Hasty Pudding Award. After all, he went to Harvard and I like him," you better shut your uninformed mouth -- Coco has not won the accolade yet. Headline! Wait until you see Harvard's reason for choosing Leno.

According to the AP (via Huffington Post)

Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the nation's oldest undergraduate drama troupe, said The Tonight Show host was selected because he has "entertained millions of people over his long and accomplished career in comedy."

So, why Leno over Conan? You can't claim a longer career is the reason, because Meryl Streep won the Hasty Pudding honor in 1980, before she'd even made Sophie's Choice. Not that it matters, but Leno also grew up in Massachusetts. Maybe that means something to the Harvard committee? I mean, of course, Conan grew up there, too. And went to Harvard. Right. Well. At the very least, Leno's trip to Cambridge may make for a really topsy-turvy "Jaywalking" segment.

(And on a more chipper note: The 2011 female honoree is future Oscar-snubbee Julianne Moore.)

Jay Leno: Hasty Pudding Man of the Year 2011 [HuffPost]


  • L says:

    This sounds like a really elaborate Lampoon prank.

  • Violet says:

    LMAO! Subtle, Zucker.

  • Violet says:

    LMAO! Subtle, Zucker.

  • alex B says:

    Maybe they didn't want to hear Conan cry for an hour about not being funny on the tonight show.

  • Louis Virtel says:

    You're onto something.

  • Elgin says:

    More likely, they figured that this was a good way to grab a little publicity for themselves. They're all in their late teens and early twenties -- they'd have to go ask their grandparents what Jay Leno does on his show.

  • KevyB says:

    Look at some of the "great" honorees from the award's history: Sylvester Stallone, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Kevin Costner, Meg Ryan, Justin Timberlake... it's all very random. Honestly, the Woman of the Year is Julianne Moore and she did one thing this year! Anne Hathaway was Woman of the Year last year and she's existed for like five years! So my question is: Why is this thing even mentioned as news?