Are You Looking Forward to a Bunch of Homophobic Super Bowl Commercials?

I hate this. I hate the Super Bowl. Hate it. Worst of all, I hate the cavalcade of expensive, often-offensive commercials that come with the Super Bowl. Extended families and fraternities and crochet klatches gather for the big event, and what do they see? Unabashedly gay-unfriendly commercials like the following Doritos ads, which are being considered for air. Look, straight people doing suggestively gay things -- but for your amusement! Comedy! I hate this.

Hey, Barbara! This is for idiots. What's funnier than a man making eyes at another man? What's funnier than hapless homosexual males guessing that a straight guy is interested in them? I know: assuming an audience of 80 billion also agrees it's funny. Gay panic is just the tops.

Please, shoot Janet Jackson through the neck if she bares a pewter-adorned nipple, but cackle like Foghorn Leghorn with your kids when the lecherous gay reacharound humor happens during the first quarter.

I have the feeling most people don't think this is all that funny. Or "racy" or "edgy." They probably think it's stupid too. In the meantime, it still happens every single year. Smart, socially responsible network hits like Modern Family, Community and The Good Wife indicate we've moved past 1985, but this stuff suggests we're still lodged in a wretched time warp and the future looks like Zubaz. Ew. Boo. Next.

Doritos Going Gay for Super Bowl [Advocate]


  • lee mayfield says:

    Does anybody care what this guy is talking about?
    Didn't think so.
    Everybody thinks their views are what everyone else shares.
    So now FOOTBALL is under attack for humor in it's commercials..?..!
    This is stupid-I don't care if you're (pretending) to be offended, no one else cares about your sexuality until you complain about it! No one cares that you're gay. Life is not all about you or your sexuality just be comfortable with yourself and enjoy life.

  • HwoodHills says:

    No offense intended, Mr. Virtel, but upon further investigation these two spots are contestant entries into the "Crash The Superbowl" contest and neither of them are on the Top 5 finalists list.
    Before you present something that puts a spin on a company being insensitive, maybe you should do more thorough research, no?
    It's true the ads were being "considered" but it was based on people uploading the commercials on their own and left up to the votes of people as to whether or not they made it into the finals. And neither of the spots you show and talk about WERE voted in.
    And let's be honest, I doubt Doritos would have allowed either spot to be shown even if they did win. (Due to their possible offensiveness.)
    The internet is filled with all sorts of untruths and horrible stuff, but a journalist's job is to present info with as much reliable knowledge as possible. No?

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Where's Benny Hill's "Yakety Sax" when you need it?

  • redhawk says:

    I could care less what stupid commercials are going to be shown during the superbowl. I will not watch a bunch of overpaid bullies tearing each other apart.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    I now it's all been about the ads for a while , but now it seems the Superbowl is more famous for the ads it either decides to ban or show and offend.

  • Deb says:

    Hey Lee,
    Guess what? You care. You care because you are here commenting on this blog post. If you didn't care, you wouldn't.
    And yes, that means I care too. I care about what my fellow human beings think, because their attitudes affect my life. And while I disagree with the person who wrote this blog post, I also disagree with you: football is not under attack, so why don't YOU lighten up! If anything, these commercials shouldn't be aired because they're terrible - bad writing, crappy acting, lazy music choices, just all around shit. But then again, commercials are evil to begin with, so there's not much point in discussing them anyway.

  • Whats most offensive TO ME(!!!) is that the tool used in the first commercial is used for TRIMMING THICK BRANCHES (!!!), not BUSHESS(!!!) Those ignorant IDIOTS!!!
    PLUS(!!!) can you imagine how SOGGY those chips would be in the second commercial! ISH KABIBBLE!!!

  • George says:


  • glen hull says:

    Virtel takes himself far too seriously. Both clips were harmless.

  • herb says:

    Superbowl is the spot for watching mass mind control - gender programming, race terror in the form of black dick fear/fascination, a lil' woman-punchin' woman hating, 'better laff or yer a fag' gag commercials, etc.
    Don't miss it

  • JB says:

    Right on, Herb. The superbowl sucks!