What Does The King's Speech PGA Award Mean For The Oscars?

Back during the cold war, American intelligence was so starved for reliable information on the inner workings of the Soviet Union that they would analyze minutiae like which portraits had been removed or who was sitting where during parade processions. Well, now that the shock of The King's Speech surprise win over The Social Network at the Producers Guild Awards has slightly abated, we can engage in a little Oscar Kremlinology ourselves. Is it curtains for Zuckerberg and company? And does Black Swan stand a ghost of a chance?

More than anything else, The King's Speech win is going to cause some furious re-evaluation. But which way? One school of thought might say that people who think that The King's Speech is too slight to merit a Best Picture Oscar will now lock their vote down for The Social Network, rather than toss it to an also-ran.

Or! Another school of thought would posit that people who assumed The Social Network was a sure thing now see that it's very vulnerable and will shift their votes accordingly. Maybe this means that The King's Speech ends up on top. Or maybe it means that The King's Speech and The Social Network end up splitting the votes and a dark horse like Black Swan or Inception sneaks in for the win.

I do think it's odd that Inception, a movie that made money hand over fist and was one of the most talked-about movies of the year, hasn't figured more prominently in Oscar talk. Could this be its golden shot? Is the beginning of the The King's Speech's triumphant comeback? Or is this just the false lull before The Social Network takes the taco?

Man, I don't even know. This is just the filmic equivalent of trying to figure out why Khrushchev didn't wear a hat outside on Tuesday, and your guess could be as good as mine. Let me know what you think!


  • Jan Kubicki says:

    I, too, am surprised that Inception hasn't risen higher than 4th or 5th place for Best Picture. While I liked Social Network, it isn't a "movie" movie" that exhilarates, likes Inception. King's Speech is movie-making by numbers -- a very good example, for sure, but any one of ten directors I could name could have made it, and maybe even better.

  • sosgemini says:

    I think it means Sasha Stone at Awards Daily needs to slow her roll down. :giggle:

  • marta says:

    My choice is The King’s Speech. It has some of the best costumes, sets and acting you’ll ever see. I saw this movie twice, downloaded from