Wonder Woman Twirls, Twirls, Twirls Her Way To NBC

Evidently there's a thin slice of pie we didn't quite see on Jack Donaghy's NBC Programming Priority chart -- Refusing & Then Immediately Picking Up A Superheroine Drama. After initially joining every network in America in turning up its nose at David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot, NBC changed its mind and has picked it up.

This is most directly attributable to incoming primetime chairman, Robert Greenblatt, who apparently dug the idea a lot more than outgoing head of programming Angela Bromstad. And evidently money isn't that much of an object to Greenblatt, since one of the reasons the Wonder Woman pilot was turned down in the first place was that Warner Bros. was simply asking for far too much in licensing fees. Whether WB notched its fees down or Greenblatt shook some extra money from his purse, we don't know.

Kelley's take promises to be a serious, non-campy take on the Amazon Princess, complete with Lasso of Truth, bulletproof bracelets and invisible plane. And while I'm glad it won't be going down the wacky sound effects road, I hope that Kelley realizes that alternative to campy does not have to be dour and self-serious (like NBC's disastrous Bionic Woman reboot). It's a six-foot tall warrior princess from an all-girl island, you're allowed to have some fun with it.

Also no word on the costume just yet, but the purist in me hopes they're sticking with the classic star-spangled panties rather than her hideous updated Female Professional Golfer Goes Jogging look.

· Wonder Woman Project Finds A Home At NBC [EW]


  • Linda says:

    LOL sorry Dixon better go by the 70's DVD because she will not be wearing the classic costume so you can jerk off you pervert 😛 !.... it sucks anyway the new one is much better.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    Lets start an internet campaign to have Lynda Carter appear as Diana of Themyscira's mother.

  • jeff says:

    If they go down the newer costume road and portray her as some vigilante glorified crime fighter.....the show is dead before it ever begins. It sounds like it will be closer to the Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman than Lynda Carters.....I believe there was a large ship about 100 years ago that they said was unsinkable.....it was called the Titanic.