Stop The Presses! New Spider-Man Pics Show Spidey's New Webshooters

Courtesy of MTV, a new picture from the set of the Spider-Man reboot has shed some light on Andrew Garfield's new Spidey suit. Chief amongst the changes from the old Tobey-era suit appears to be the presence of Spider-Man's mechanical webshooters.

spidey_costume_500.jpgIn the original comic, Peter Parker had to depend on his scientific expertise to concoct his web fluid while Sam Raimi's wall-crawler made his web the biological way. While this news will probably gladden nerds from here to Attilan, I kinda preferred the simpilicity of having his webs come as a function of Spider-Man's powers -- he can cling to walls, so why not be able to make webs too? Besides which, I can buy a high schooler being bitten by a radioactive spider and gaining all sorts of spideriffic powers, but all that PLUS he's a chemical textile genius before he can shave? That might be a (George Washington) bridge too far.

But my spidey sense tells me that the main reason the filmmakers included the mechanical webs was just to have a dramatic scene where Spidey dramatically runs out of web fluid at a crucial moments and must defeat the villain at a webless disadvantage.

Besides his webs, Spidey is definitely rocking a less red-intensive look than Tobey did, with less textured web embossing. And, while MTV smartly cautions that this might be a special stunt costume, check out them silver sneaker-looking things! The whole get-up reminds me of Ben Reilly-era Spider-Man (Ben was Spidey's clone, although he thought he was know what? Forget it.) Check it out below.


Even though I don't see the point of a new Spider-Man movie this soon, I remain cautiously optimistic. What do you think, True Believer?

· New 'Spider-Man' Reboot Photo With Mask & Web-Shooter Closeups! [MTV]


  • Dimo says:

    My Spidey senses tell that that I'm late for my shift at Grauman's Chineese Theater!

  • casting couch says:

    For a moment there, I thought this Spidey reboot was making a giant nod to the hilarious 1970's series starring Nicholas Hammond.

  • Kurt Bergeron says:

    I agree with you on the web shooters. If he can climb walls, then he should be able to shoot webs as well, although, if we're gong for actual spider powers then I fear the web should actually have shot out of tobey's rear end, which only complicates any romantic rescue. On a whole, I think this reboot is completely unnecessary. One of the problems with Hollywood is that we always reboot right when a a story is going to get interesting or different. Superman fights lex luthor...........reboot.............Batman fights the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman and Mr. Freeze...............reboot...............Spiderman fights the goblin and Doc Oc...........reboot. Those comics haven't existed forever for no reason. There's a multitude of bady-butt to kick! But we never see any of those avenues because we're always rebooting.

  • Alex says:

    That comic pic is of the Ben Reilly Spider-man. It was actually a great single Spider-man story of Peter who was believed to be a clone then found out he was the real one after he changed his name to Ben Reilly. He was great as a single Spider-man trying to make ends meet. Unlike now.
    Oh, and Aunt May was DEAD! YAY!
    I'm pretty sure that picture is fake.

  • festie says:

    is that spiderman or the gayest s&m devotee ever?!

  • razorsfury says:

    um no... webs coming out of his wrists biologically was dumb... if sam raimi's spiderman was consistent then spiderman would have to go barefoot and bare handed to climb walls. spiderman making webs chemically actually makes sense. it seems you guys are happy to make movies that cater to stupid people.