Friday Box Office: No Strings Attached Sleeps Its Way To The Top

Startin' here, startin' now, honey everything's coming up Portman! While her terrifyingly bi-curious ballerina is still raking in the dough (and the awards), Natalie Portman enjoyed a number one opening, as No Strings Attached came out on top this Friday, bumping down the boys club of The Green Hornet and The Dilemma to numbers two and three, respectively. Your Friday box office is here.

1. NO STRINGS ATTACHED: $7,300,000 (new)

2. THE GREEN HORNET: $5,200,000 ($50,000,000)

3. THE DILEMMA: $3,000,000 ($26,600,000)

4. THE KING'S SPEECH: $2,000,000 ($51,500,000)

5. TRUE GRIT: $2,000,000 ($132,500,000)

[Numbers via Deadline]

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