This Week in Joan Rivers Insults: Tommy Lee Jones, Sarah Palin

riverses225.jpgSince we're still all bitter that Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work wasn't considered for the Oscar documentary shortlist, Movieline's giving its own awards now. "Best Tommy Lee Jones/Fuhrer Joke" goes to Joan "You Don't Even Know Me, Judd Apatow" Rivers. At the tail end of a week where Rivers mocked Sarah Palin on Fox & Friends, she just named The Fugitive's Oscar winner as Hollywood's evilest, most Hitler-conjuring man. We had no idea! Let's watch her explain.

First, here's Joan with her daughter Melissa promoting their We Network reality show. Somehow the topic of Tommy Lee Jones and Hitler comes up.

For kicks, here she is with Joy Behar explaining her Palin-related ban from Fox & Friends. Also: The title Fox & Friends always reminds me of the barnyard animal portion of Garfield and Friends. I'm sure they're not similar.

Let's make a Thalberg award for this woman out of papier-mâché. We love her.

Joan Rivers on Tommy Lee Jones: He Makes Hitler Warm and Fuzzy [PopEater]


  • AgentSmith says:

    Hitler = Tommy Lee Jones comparison Joan? You need to educate yourself and get some 'real' material because all that plastic and botox has made you a bitter ugly person.
    And this Rob cackling like a little girl at something that's not even funny. "Hey... we need more powder for Rob's nose! The brown stains just won't come off!" What a dork.

  • TomL says:

    My nephew works in Hollywood. It's a closely guarded secret that Joan Rivers contracted Alzheimer's, is in a care facility, and was actually replaced by an animatronic Joan. When they finally get the technology right, she'll stop promoting her untalented daughter.

  • SittingPat says:

    Wow! People claiming Joan is too mean are meaner! At least she does it as part of her comedy. Joan River is not politically correct, she's just, most times, correct.

  • milessilverberg says:

    For one brief second before focusing, I thought I saw Rickie Lee Jones' name in a Movieline headline. And it felt good.
    Sorry, carry on.

  • Mel says:

    Tommy Lee Jones is a rancher who keeps to himself. He's polite to real people. In other words, not Joan Rivers.

  • Arnold says:

    Chill out. Dickwad.

  • Louis Virtel says:

    Marry me. While "Young Blood" plays on a rusty jukebox.

  • Laney says:

    Oh, Joan, really. Get a face.

  • pattyboy says:

    Joan has become senile. She has lost perspective. Why does she still appear in the media?? She makes no sense-calling people s Nazi. A Jew calling people Nazi??