The World Does Not Need a Bed Intruder Reality Show, But It Will Get One Anyway

AntoineDodson225.jpgInternet users, you've created a monster. Antoine Dodson, the Huntsville housing project resident who shot to insta-stardom after providing an unintentionally hilarious local news segment about his sister's attempted rape (only in America, guys) has become a viral sensation -- he's already been featured at length on Tosh 2.0 -- and served as inspiration for "Bed Intruder," a popular iTunes remix by the Gregory Brothers. And now, Dodson might be coming to a television set near you. To paraphrase America's newest sweetheart, "hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband."

The Wrap reports that Entertainment One is producing a pilot featuring Dodson and his family as they relocate from the housing projects of Alabama to Hollywood. A rep for the production company added that Dodson will "be leveraging every aspect he can to make a better life for his family." (Suggested title: The Grapes of Sass.) That means that a recording deal might be in store for Dodson, as Entertainment One also has a record label.

According to the new star's detailed Wikipedia page, Dodson already has a few other business ventures underway including a BED INTRUDER HALLOWEEN COSTUME (seriously), a Sex Offender Tracker iPhone app and a small customized t-shirt company. Enjoy your weekend!

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  • HwoodHills says:

    Maybe Antoine and Ted "Golden-Voice" Williams can get a show together.
    (Let's call it, "According to Andy".)