Sundance Swag Report: The Power of Ed Helms Compels You (To Keep Warm)

cedar5.jpgIt's still eerily quiet here in Park City, so Movieline popped into Main Street's only pop-up insurance agency for our first Sundance Swag Report. Those crazy kids over at Fox Searchlight have constructed an entire insurance agency to promote their Sundance entry/coming-of-age comedy Cedar Rapids, about a small town insurance agent (Ed Helms) who has the weekend of his life at a convention in Iowa. Because nothing says "sexy Sundance swag" like wood paneling and hot apple cider! (Sexy, sexy swag pics within.)

Did I say sexy? I meant cozy. Like popping in for a visit with your favorite State Farm agent. Only this agency has free wifi, hot drinks, one vaguely freaky life-sized Ed Helms cut-out, and practical Sundance swag that'll keep you warm as you trudge back out into the cold.



I kid you not: The closer you step to this cardboard cut-out of Ed Helms in character as Tim Lippe, the more real it looks.


It should always be this easy: Tim Lippe Lip Balm.


Behold, the early front-runner for best swag of Sundance '11: Hand warmers! Brownie points won, Fox Searchlight.


Verdict: Forget pins and pens and flyers. Those other movies are gonna have to step up their game to compete with the warmth that everyone who stops by Brown Star Insurance will carry in their hearts through the remainder of the festival.


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