Get 'Em While They're Hot: Red State Tickets, Finished Film Available for Auction

kevin_smith_225.jpgThe Sundance Film Festival is off and running, but the major fireworks won't start until the weekend. Well, major if you're a horror geek who just so happens to love Kevin Smith and has a few million dollars lying around to purchase his newest film, Red State.

Following through on what Smith told /Film back in November, the director plans on selling the rights to Red State after the film's first public screening at the Eccles Center on Sunday. Of course, if you're in Park City and want to attend this public screening, that might be a bit more difficult.

Tickets are sold out, though a few wound up online this morning. Care to spend upward of $399 to see Smith's latest? You're in luck! Someone is actually asking for that much on eBay. That's just the "Buy It Now" option, though; two other, more reasonable sellers are looking to grab $80-$100 for their tickets. That combined the three listings only have one bid at press time is neither here nor there; as Kyle Gallner told me earlier this week, "[Red State's] going to be a very different movie than he's ever done. People are going to be pleasantly surprised." With such a hard-to-get ticket, hopefully he's right.

Meanwhile, Smith is expecting to land a distribution deal in the $5-$8 million range for Red State. Check back here over the weekend to see how this all shakes down.

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