American Idol Top 3 Auditions: I'm So Over the Rainbow

sarahsellers225American Idol in New Orleans! Jambalidol! Interview with a Vampidol The second day of Idol auditions was mercifully shorter than the first, but we still took home the same amount of triumph and travesty. An economical episode, really! Nigel Lythgoe so gets America. Let's rewind and pick three auditions that didn't make us poison ourselves.

Sarah Sellers

Now hear this: I am always looking for the next Joan Osbourne. For real. I'm looking everywhere. In phone booths, under rugs, on American Idol, wherever -- I want a new Joan Osbourne. Sarah Sellers, who beamed with intelligence the minute she tottered into the judges' lair, seems able to fulfill the Osbourne quota of delicate phrasing and husky-voiced gravitas. She also picked the perfect song: Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love" ranks among the most reliable tunes in the slim catalog of viable Idol reruns. With its longing verses and subtly sweeping chorus, it's suited for a classy vocalist -- one with glasses, really. I'm not sure she outperformed Kris Allen's version, but she sure outclassed the sweaty sophomores who've clogged the rest of audition season so far.

Jordan Dorsey

Then there's "Over the Rainbow," which I hate. We hear it almost every year, some narcissist pretends to "new it up" with gurgle-y bleats, and we all pretend it's not the single most cliched song choice of all. Jordan Dorsey didn't fool me with his neo-soulless take on the Dorothy Gale touchstone, but he did prove he can carry a tune. Congratulations.

Jacee Badeaux

Yes, my third choice is 15-year-old roly poly Jacee, and not that single parent who made Jennifer Lopez cry like an unloved flygirl. Jacee's timbre and unassuming clarity were nice additions to the night, even if he lacks the presence (or passion, if we're using trite words already) to crack the Top-whatever. His audition was worth it just to see Steven Tyler's face un-gnarl with pride for a few brief moments.

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