VIDEO: Animated Ricky Gervais Gets Tool Time'd by Tim Allen

You know the old saying: A news story isn't a news story until the animation wizards at Taiwanese news service NMA work their magic. With that in mind, how did Ricky Gervais spend that lost hour at the Golden Globes on Sunday night? Probably sipping a bottle of water and talking to celebrities, but it's fun to imagine a world where he got beaten with a dildo by Hugh Hefner. And sliced open by Tim Allen on the set of Home Improvement. Apologies to Warner Wolf, but let's go to the video tape.

Other than the fact that Animated Ricky Gervais looks like Eddie Marsan, this is as good a depiction as any of the Globes non-troversy. I'd say "case closed" like some hero on a CBS procedural, but let's not forget that Gervais is appearing with Piers Morgan later tonight, meaning much of the Globes story will be rehashed again. Probably with less dildos though.

[via SplitSider]