The Abduction Viral Marketing Sure is Starting Early

In the grand tradition of The Dark Knight Rises and the Spider-Man reboot, a shocking development in a 23-year-old missing persons case has arrived just in time to get you pumped for the Taylor Lautner these-ain't-my-parents thriller Abduction.

It goes like this:

On Friday, Carlina White and her biological family met for the first time since her abduction, at the Bronx home of Sheena White, an 18-year-old half-sister who until recently Carlina did not know she had."We spoke and got to know each other, and she looks exactly like my mom," Sheena White said. "It felt like we knew each other before we met."

The improbable case began on Aug. 4, 1987, when Carlina, 19 days old, was taken to Harlem Hospital with a fever. About two hours after being admitted, Carlina disappeared from a pediatrics ward, and detectives quickly narrowed in on a mysterious woman who had consoled Carlina's worried mother and had been seen lingering around the hospital in a nurse's uniform. A suspect was later questioned but could not be connected to the abduction. [...]

Carlina was taken to Connecticut and then Georgia, the police said, raised under a different name by a woman who treated her poorly. Carlina's suspicions started to grow around her 16th birthday, partly "because the family and her don't resemble each other," Sheena White said.

Mr. Browne said, "She has held the view, for a long time, that she did not belong to the family she was living with."

Amazing. Thank goodness for happy endings. Also: Abduction, coming Sept. 23 from Lionsgate!

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