Roller Skates and Mixtapes: Skateland Trailer Refuses to Let Go of the 80's

Our numerous pleas to stop with the 80's references in film and tv have apparently fallen on deaf ears. Within the first 10 seconds of the Skateland trailer, we've got a precious, hip mixtape reference and a loving closeup of wheels on the floor of a skating rink. Yep, there's another aimless guy who didn't know how to let go of adulthood two decades ago, and another movie with a window into his kind-of-hilarious and kind-of-heart-wrenching journey. Twilight's Ashley Greene is along for support this time around.

I really don't mean to take shots at every easy target here. The production values in this indie from last year's Sundance look great, and I'm sure the regional story is somewhat autobiographical, and probably heartfelt. The performances from Greene and Shiloh Fernandez (fresh from that new Red Riding Hood trailer) also look fine and not too forced, save for that awful opening sequence. Hell, at least the trailer doesn't play some cheesy nostalgia hit like "Take Me Home Tonight" as it hits the crescendo.

But seriously, what is some Dazed and Confused/Adventureland hybrid going to bring to the table that dozens of other movies haven't already. Especially this telegraphed let-go-of-the-party arc that is still inexplicably accepted as a serious dramatic problem by our culture? To be clear: These questions are coming from a guy who really liked Adventureland and Dazed and Confused. Maybe Skateland will transcend all expectations and stand tall along those formidable entries in this genre. But based on this trailer, don't count on it.

Verdict: Pass.