Red Riding Hood Trailer: Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Gary Oldman?

If you were hoping to catch a glimpse of Amanda Seyfried smiling in the new trailer for Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight-esque ode to red capes on white snow...I'm sorry. According to the new Red Riding Hood trailer, these werewolf love affairs really take their toll. But hey, Gary Oldman is leading the witch hunt party of the century and he's having a hell of a time! Everyone's invited! Even Julie Christie's going to show up for a few minutes! Come on down!

Right. Overall, Hardwick's first directing effort since Twilight still looks a lot like Twilight. But honestly I am kind of down to watch a movie where Oldman just shows up in a carriage and convinces a whole town that one of them is a werewolf, then proceeds to search their houses and expose all of their secrets. It looks like all of that happens here, but you still have to endure the silly teen romance set to a Nine Inch Nails remix as well as the cringe-inducing, straight-faced inclusion of that "What big eyes you have" line of dialogue. In other news, I'm pretty sure that Trent Reznor just made a down payment on a new summer home. High five to Reznor.

Verdict: Pass.

If the trailer gets pulled, head to Apple.


  • TurdBlossom says:


  • william says:

    NOT looks completely contrived.
    and 2005 called, Nine Inch Nails wants their balls back.
    I originally thought it was a cool idea. To bring the children's story to a more realistic tale. Then I saw who the director was, and immediately threw up in my mouth. I didn't think it would take long before everyone drew the Twilight comparisons. Alas, you couldn't even get out of the first sentence in this article before it appeared. Then I thought I'd wait for the trailer, it still had a great premise...and now that I have seen it...ugh. My worst fears have been realized.
    This is nothing more than trying to capitalize on the Twilight tweens. Since Hollywood is a copycat land, we should expect a lot more of these types of movies as the Twilight tweens grow up. As for this single movie, you had to expect the poor dialog. I mean it is based on a children's book after all.
    Seriously...what is with tween movies now-a-days? I mean is beastiality really the new "in" thing now. Geez!

  • Brian says:

    The trailer looks good, the film has a solid cast, interesting sets, and looks beautifully filmed. Naturally that would rate a pass from a member of the indier than thou brigade, and dipshit fanboys who hate anything remotely related to Twilight. It's especially pathetic that the author of this post took a cheap shot at the movie for including the "what big eyes you have" line, since it is the best known line from the children's tale.
    BTW, this is not a sequel to Twilight, unless by sequel you mean a movie based on different source material, with different actors (with the exception of Billy Burke) set in a different time, in a different place. Now, do everyone a favor and go watch Black Swan 24 more times and leave those big, bad studio movies to people who actually enjoy them.

  • metroville says:

    I'll split the difference between the latter two comments (both of whose authors actually made solid points) and rephrase the initial from "sold" to "BUY"--
    As in, "buy a ticket to Red Riding Hood on March 11! You can't properly hipster-mock an entertainment product unless you've seen the goods"!