New Three Musketeers Photos: Valiance in 3D!

· Photos form Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers are here, and they're... delightfully sincere in grandeur! They're not as titillating as Christoph Waltz in his Richelieu drag, but what is? [/Film]



· And my favorite visual artist of the post-postmodern era is... JWOWW. [Gawker]

· Speaking of Jersey Shore artistes, The Situation would like an Oscar, thanks. [Mediaite]

· Here are Charlie Sheen and Drew Carey hamming it up. Perhaps there's a sinister pricing game going on. [The Wrap]

· And finally, here are hilarious lines from the nonexistent 9/11 episode of Sex and the City. "Meanwhile uptown, Samantha was having a few explosions of her own" is too real. [The Hairpin]