Rex Reed Believes in Natalie Portman's Norbit

portman_nsa_120.jpgForget Armond White; when it comes to curmudgeonly New York film critics, no one can top Rex Reed. He's the O.G. of vitriol, snark and just plain nastiness. "After a string of flops, the lovely, accomplished and underappreciated Natalie Portman achieved something of a career breakthrough in the pretentious horror flick Black Swan," Reed writes in his review of No Strings Attached. "Now, before the impact has worn off, and on the verge of an Oscar nomination, she crumbles like a mildewed crumpet. Short of breaking into the editing lab and destroying the negative, she should have done everything legally possible to stop the ill-timed release of a vulgar, stupid pile of junk called No Strings Attached. This movie could destroy everything." Looks like someone didn't hear that the Norbit thing was over. [NYO]

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