Perfect Sense Trailer: Ewan McGregor and Eva Green Have a Cry-Off

In the wake of all those crazy-making I Melt With You teasers, what we really need from our Sundance previews right now is a vessel for some good old-fashioned character and story. The trailer for Perfect Sense, a festival premiere starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green and directed by David Mackenzie, is not that vessel.

Listen, as long as we're being honest, any movie featuring McGregor or Green alone is required viewing. Any film with the two together -- in the rain, in bed, in the tub with her spitting water in his face, etc. -- is naturally doubly required viewing. It's the rest I'm not so sure about? Is it me or there some serious Acting For the Really Hyperactive Camera going on here? Lots of Bleak Portent and Big Themes? It's like the really acute morning sickness Danny Boyle had that one time he carried Terrence Malick and Werner Herzog's baby to term. Hold it in, Danny, hold it in! We're almost to the hospital.

Anyway, odds are that the stars wind up naked, so yeah.



  • sgirl says:

    WTF is this movie about? I mean, I'm totally going to see it, but I'd just like the trailer to tell me.

  • CiscoMan says:

    So, he's a chef and she's a scientist of some kind. Is this about the invention of molecular gastronomy? Flash-frozen rose water "tears" perhaps? They can't all just be tears for the sake of tears, can they?