Line Them Up: First Image of X-Men: First Class Officially Arrives Online

If you frequent many geek sites, the chances are good that you spotted the first image of Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class online late Tuesday. Alas, that wasn't the official release, meaning if you've been staring at a grainy picture of Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, January Jones, James McAvoy and the other X-Men for 24 hours, you're in luck! Fox has released the official official first look at the cast, in easily identifiable line-up form. Let's take a look.



Let's get some positives out of the way first: Fassbender looks perfectly sinister as Magneto; Jones looks like she's working her assets to their full potential as Emma Frost; and McAvoy does have a bit of a Patrick Stewart vibe going for himself as Professor X. The bad news? Jennifer Lawrence, in the role of Mystique, looks like the spawn of Violet Beauregard and a Na'vi Halloween costume. Hey, they all can't be winners, right?

X-Men: First Class hits theaters this June.

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