The Best Civil War Sci-Fi Film From a Blink-182 Band Member You Will Ever See

· Remember that band Blink-182 that put out pop punk albums Enema of the State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket? Well, the group's vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge and his new band Angels & Airwaves have commissioned a sci-fi film called Love from director William Eubank. And it actually looks good, especially knowing that the Civil War (that's right) and space scenes were filmed in the backyard of the filmmaker's childhood home. [YouTube]

· Just in time for Oscar season! A Chicago high school student has been suspended for committing the first Social Network copycat "crime." []

· The reason that Ricky Gervais did not make a crack about Golden Globe presenter Jennifer Lopez last Sunday is because she threatened to kill the U.K. comedian backstage if he did. John Travolta and Tim Allen wish they had done the same. [ONTD]

· Quick! Someone hire Rush Limbaugh to voice a Chinese character in the next Pixar film based on this audition. [Gawker]

· Kevin Smith would take a Prius to the chest for Tracy Morgan. [FilmDrunk]

· Natalie Portman finally said what we were all thinking: she looks like a whale. [People]