Watch 15 Seconds of Jeremy Piven Trying to Rip His Face Off

Why, hello again, I Melt With You! Mark Pellington's white male middle-aged angst-athon premieres at Sundance next week, and the marketing is in full swing. That means random 15-second clips, like a weathered Rob Lowe talking about mind and body disconnects, or this new one of Jeremy Piven trying in vain to rip his own face off. Either that or he has a wicked case of brain freeze. Tongue to the roof of your mouth, J-Pivs! Ahem. Click ahead to watch.

I'm just going to say it: This movie looks amazing, all 30 seconds worth that I've seen. What is this? Looking forward to finding out, if some spoil sports don't spoil it for me, of course.


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