What Made Christina Hendricks' Cleavage Worth $850,000?

ChristinaHendricksCleavage225.jpgContrary to what Marilyn Monroe sang in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, diamonds are not always a girl's best friend. Especially when said girl is at the Golden Globes, loses her borrowed $850,000 diamond bracelet and then uses her legendary cleavage to deal with the situation. Just ask Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks.

The New York Post reported the Mad Men actress's red carpet nightmare late last night in vivid, comically serious detail. Like, there was dialogue and play-by-play commentary that rivaled anything sportscasters were throwing down hours earlier during the AFC divisional playoffs. I would excerpt this epic story but that would be like me trying to cut down Homer's Iliad. Behold...

The voluptuous redhead was horrified to find out that after making it up the carpet Sunday at the Beverly Hilton, one of the two bracelets loaned by Chopard had slipped off. Inside the ballroom moments before the show started, the panicked actress asked us, "Have you seen a diamond bracelet? I've lost one that looks like this," pointing at the one glittering bracelet left on her wrist.

As the stars were being urged to take their seats, Hendricks -- wearing a figure-hugging red gown -- then hurried out of the auditorium back onto the red carpet to look for the bauble.

Outside, an event worker had found it and handed it back to a relieved Hendricks. But once back at her table, she found she couldn't get it back on due to a tricky clasp. So she decided to turn it over to her publicist, who was outside, for safekeeping.

But security blocked her as she tried to leave the auditorium, as no one is allowed in or out once the show starts. She begged, "Please let me out, I have to give my diamond bracelet to my publicist!" The guard watched wide-eyed as Hendricks pulled the bracelet out from her ample cleavage. He opened the door a crack and she passed the jewels through to her publicist outside.

A rep for Chopard confirmed Hendricks was wearing 200 carats of their diamonds at the show and a security guard was on hand to make sure nothing went missing. The jewels included a 49-carat emerald and Marquise-cut diamond bracelet set in platinum, and a 124-carat, pear-cut and fancy-shape diamond bracelet set in platinum.

The Chopard rep said the bracelet that fell off was the 124-carat one worth $850,000, and it was returned by her publicist. The rep added, "Whoever put it on her wrist may have not closed the safety clasp correctly. But both bracelets and her earrings were returned in perfect condition today."

And now for Movieline's CliffNotes version, since, seriously, that was too many words: Christina Hendricks lost an expensive bracelet at the Golden Globes, found it, hid said bracelet in her ample cleavage (like a Trojan Horse), crept outside the Hilton, handed the bracelet off to her publicist and then returned to the auditorium in time to....lose best Drama Series. Now, I'm just mixing up my epic poems but you get the point. Check back on the site later today for a pop quiz.

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