Christian Slater Plays My Favorite Scene: 'That's the Most Romantic Moment in Movie History'

ChristianSlaterMFS225.jpgOf all the roles that Christian Slater has played in his 30-year career, one of his most beloved remains Clarence Worley, the comic book store clerk who falls for a cute call girl in True Romance. So it is ironic that when Movieline asked the actor -- who stars in Fox's upcoming workplace comedy Breaking In -- to play a round of Movieline's go-to parlor game last week, Slater described the big screen romance that rang truest to him. Hint: There ain't gonna be no re-match for this very special round of My Favorite Scene.

"I've certainly got scenes that I love in movies," Slater began. "The one that's jumping into my head right now is from Rocky. It was right at the end, after he's won the fight. Rocky fought 15 rounds. He's bloody. He's puffy. He looks like a disaster, right? Adrian comes running into the ring and as she's running in, her hat gets knocked off her head. The first thing this guy Rocky says is 'Where's your hat?'"

Why exactly did this classic Rocky scene resonate with Slater?

"It was just so perfect," he explained. "This guy Rocky was so outside of himself after going through that hell and he still noticed that she lost her hat. I thought that that was the most romantic moment in movie history. I still love watching that."

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