Watch Family Guy Recreate The Incredible Hulk

· In case you missed Seth MacFarlane's clever (okay, we said it) send-up of The Incredible Hulk's title sequence on last night's Family Guy, here it is. You won't like Peter Griffin when he's angry...

· Andy Samberg is friends with Rahm Emanuel for some good reason and you're jealous. [Gawker]

· Next, the HFPA will announce that Ricky Gervais should be dunked in the river and called a witch. [CinemaBlend]

· Now, a cooking lesson brought to you by Debi Mazar. []

· And you thought your Golden Globes party was bad! Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper narrowly escaped injury last night when the pair was forced to evacuate the home of Cooper's mother after it caught fire. Fire trucks rushed to the scene and everyone is fine. [CinemaBlend]


  • Me says:

    Um, what about this is remotely clever? All they had to do is copy the original. You're an idiot and this show requires at least a mild form of mental retardation to be watched.

  • casting couch says:

    Can't stand this show or its characters. Their Star Wars rip-offs were just as lame.

  • T-Mad says:

    Oh come on, people - where's your sense of humor?
    I don't watch Family Guy either - not one of my favorite shows. However, this animated spoof of The Incredible Hulk was cute. Look at it as it is - a simple, harmless, humorous spoof. Nothing more, nothing less.
    I swear, people take things (and themselves) way too damn seriously today.

  • Lloyd says:

    If people are so against Family Guy then why did they bother to watch this? I agree T-Mad take a chill pill.There are plenty of things to get really pissed off about.

  • Mike the Movie Tyke says:

    Hear hear. An enjoyable, innocuous tribute to a classic TV show, that's it. I'm surprised ERs aren't overrun with cases of strained fingers of people who routinely point disapprovingly at every little thing. Sheesh.

  • Jason Glugla says:

    I am going to have to agree with an earlier comment, there is nothing at all clever about this. This is simply a scene for scene and word for word copy of the opening sequence of the (Bill Bixby) Incredible Hulk. Oh, the animated Hulk in this is fat, boy that is really clever.

  • Tired of mindless Sheeple says:

    Next...retard Meth McFartland will be stealing little rascal reruns...COPYING THEM with his pathetic gay humor and pretending he belongs among honest human beings. There is only one thing to say to mindless little half bred goat-sheeple. "Stewie says....Baaaaaaa!"

  • KBajpai says:

    Damn you all! haters of family guy. Victory shall yet be mine.

  • zero says:

    Some people really like this show it maybe that sometimes its just stupid but it is really funny sometimes so stop hating on if u like it u like it if u don't u don't so get over yourselves