Watch 15 Random Seconds of Rob Lowe at His Most Tormented

The buzz on I Melt With You -- director Mark Pellingon's bleak thriller exploring "the pain of the modern male psyche" -- is building ahead of its Sundance premiere next week. Or rather, it was building; now it's a deafening boom of anticipation fueled by the most random Rob Lowe clip in the history of Rob Lowe clips. Click through and have a look.

The official Sundance summary goes like this:

Four friends gather every year to celebrate their friendship. This year they are unexpectedly forced to confront a forgotten promise they made 25 years earlier. As they examine choices they've made, they realize that what they said they would do with their lives and what they have done are entirely different.

The ensemble includes Thomas Jane and Jeremy Piven; I guess the promise in question has to do with a gang of hot young actors vowing never to appear as regulars on TV comedies? Will report back next week...