PIC: Scooter Learns the Ways of Insult Comedy from Kathy Griffin and Ricky Gervais

· It looks like one segment of the Hollywood population wasn't that upset with Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes performance: The Muppets! Noted celebrity hater-on-er Kathy Griffin tweeted a photo of herself and Ricky Gervais hanging out with Scooter over the weekend, which proves that furry puppets have better senses of humor than most stars. Click ahead to see the photo, then stick around for more Buzz Break.


[via @kathygriffin]

· Get excited? It looks like Expendables 2: Still Expendable* is in the works. "Apparently it's going to happen this year," Bruce Willis said backstage at the Globes. "As far as I know, barring any unforeseen circumstances, but yeah, I would love to be a part of it." [Yahoo!]

*Not the actual title

· Before we get too excited about the news that Anne Hathaway is totally, definitely, 100 percent, set-in-stone confirmed for a guest appearance on Glee, let's remember that so were Javier Bardem and Susan Boyle. Translation: Don't hold your breath waiting for this one. [TVLine]

· Remember that Will Ferrell Spanish-language comedy with Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal? Here's a supposed plot description. [Collider]

· Diddy. Chris Gethard. UCB. This happened and was apparently awesome. [NYT/ArtsBeat]

· More Globes nonsense! Wondering what Christian Bale said to Robert De Niro when he got bleeped? "I just told him he's the shit. You see an actor of that caliber and Robert Duvall. I don't know if he's here, [but] those guys are the shit. I just wanted to say I'm proud to be in the same room as him." Noted. [THR]

· And the ratings were up 5 percent from last year. Woo! [THR]