Help Movieline Caption These Befuddling Stills from Tower Heist, The Help, and Abduction

abduction575.jpgAnother day, another set of publicity stills from upcoming movies for all of us to wrap our snarky heads around. Peek into the distant future (all the way to fall 2011) and help Movieline figure out what's going on in these images from Brett Ratner's tower heist flick Tower Heist, Tate Taylor's period novel adaptation The Help, and John Singleton's Abduction, AKA Taylor Lautner Gets $7.5 Million to Play Tom Cruise.

First up is a photo from Ben Stiller's latest career-planning LEGO meeting with advisors Eddie Murphy and Matthew Broderick, the latter of whom is really just sitting there wondering where all of his Ferris Bueller cache went. Or maybe he's thinking about having a cheeseburger. Oh wait, are the cameras rolling?


Next we have Viola Davis as a housekeeper circa 1960, being interrogated by Emma Stone's hair - er, Emma Stone - in The Help.


And last but certainly not least, just know that even when being chased by unknown assailants and forced to hide in a diner, Taylor Lautner can still find his light. That's the mark of a pro, folks.


[via Collider]


  • TurdBlossom says:

    1. "Who's idea was it to get the Lego's out of storage, anyway?"
    2. "Grrrrrrrrrl...check out my 'fro....Tyra says it's fierce".
    3. Team Edward has Taylor Lautner on the run and afraid for his life.

  • Jackie says:

    1) So if I keep playing with these toys I will get some more money right?
    2) This birdnest on my head is what got me the part as spiderman's new love, hello bank account.
    3) My chiseled jaw and model good-looks will intimate the C.I.A. into running away.

  • crazymaizy says:

    1) This doesn't look like an X-fighter to me. Just saying.
    2) I'm Daisy Duke. You can call me Miss Daisy"
    3)Where'd she go? I'll be damned if I'm gonna let that skinny blond catch me again!

  • Andrew says:

    #3 - "I've been working on my Tom Cruise face. Wanna see?"

  • Martini Shark says:

    1) I don't care if you guys are tired, we're going through it one more time. Now we enter the Toys R Us here, the safe is located in this area . . ."
    2) The reason the sequel to "The Parent Trap" failed comes down to one word: Casting.
    3) Taylor Lautner appears in the Food Network original film " Diners, Drive-Bys, and Knives".

  • Cybergirl says:

    1. "We've gotta figure out what to make the kids become constructors and more importantly....ROBBERS," said Ben.
    2. They didn't expect themselves to be at the same place at the wrong time.
    3. I've gotta run from the anti-fans, especially those from Edward's side.