IMDB Thinks Asians Are Pretty Much Interchangable

So, while I was underwhelmed by The Green Hornet, the best part was definitely Jay Chou's Kato. Or, if I go by IMDB, that would be John Cho's Kato. Yes, 38 year-old Korean-American John Cho is basically the same as 31 year-old Taiwanese Jay Chou. It reminds me how much I liked Ken Jeong's Sulu in Star Trek last year. IMDB fixed the problem, but the long memory of the internet has the proof after the jump. [/Film]


  • nancy says:

    Well, I for one think Jay Chou is fantastic on The Mentalist.
    (Seriously, what the hell, IMDB? It's the year 2011!)

  • Cameron Williams says:

    Asians are interchangeable, you outnumber us 10 t 1 and all look the same.