Help Decode The New Still From The Hangover 2

The_Hangover_2.jpgWarner Bros. just released the first official picture from The Hangover 2 and like a mysterious Renaissance portrait, it appears to be laden with a bunch of clues and hints about the new movie. We'll have to go full Da Vinci Code on this one. Check it out after the jump!

We've got our three heroes alone again, so does that mean that Justin Bartha's character has once again gone missing? And there's a monkey wearing a Rolling Stones jean vest (as they do) that the guys have cornered -- in fright? or do they want something from the be-denimed monkey? Zach Galifianakis has his head shaved but his trademark beard intact, while Ed Helms appears to be sporting a Mike Tyson-esque face tattoo. Layers upon sweaty layers! What do you think, gentle readers?


  • lynnster says:


  • Old No.7 says:

    Oh, wonderful. The plot involves them trying to find Patient Zero.

  • The Winchester says:

    But it was Patrick Dempsey!

  • Vallhala I Am Coming says:

    Judging from the decor of the apartment, one can only assume it is the finest residence in New Jersey. I surmise they have gone to Atlantic City this time. Ed Helms' character got a henna tattoo at Mike Tyson's Charity Ball, to which he took the stripper. Zach G's character has joined the Aryan Nation because he, too, wants a Holocaust Ring - only to realize with horror what actually happened during the Holocaust. He escapes, barely, with his life. The monkey, obviously, is something they won at the auction, barely outbidding Charlie Sheen, who kidnaps Bartha's character and forces him to document his lewd tawdriness as a consequence. The boys look for a way to find some dirt that Sheen would never want made public so they can free their friend from servitude. This involves frequenting many strip clubs, brothels, and McDonalds' PlayPens. Along the way, the learn some important lessons about the meaning of life, and caring for primates, which causes them to become better men.
    Bradley Cooper, as always, is too cool for school.