Tree of Life Will Include Many Shots of Wind, Says Cinematographer

treeoflife_120.jpgUnlike most of the Internet, Movieline HQ was a tad underwhelmed with the first trailer for Terrence Malick's long-awaited Tree of Life, if only because it didn't really show much beyond the beautiful visuals. Though to hear cinematographer Emanuel "Chivo" Lubezki tell the LA Times, that might be by design. "So the actors are performing the dialogue, but Terry isn't interested in dialogue," said Lubezki. "So they're talking, and we're shooting a reflection or we're shooting the wind or we're shooting the frame of the window, and then we finally pan to them when they finish the dialogue." And how did the actors react to this? "I think they thought we were insane. Sean [Penn] is a director, and I'm sure he wondered 'Is this method something I want to learn or is it something I never want to repeat?' For Brad [Pitt] I think it took him a couple of days or a week to get into the spirit." Get into the spirit, folks! [LAT/24 Frames]