The 30 Most Profitable Films of 2010: Animation Domination

· If you were a 3-D cartoon character in 2010, chances are you earned a studio head plenty of money. The list of last year's most profitable films is a largely predictable one, but I hope you'll join me in considering The Last Song's domination of Sex and the City 2 and Eat Pray Love a soul-stirring achievement. [The Numbers]


· Have you formalized your Golden Globe predictions yet? Remember to pick at least one insane wild card. I'm looking at you, Katey Sagal! [Rope of Silicon]

· The worse Jersey Shore gets, the higher its ratings. You explain it to me. [EW]

· Michael Ausiello confirms that John Lithgow will help solve one of How I Met Your Mother's biggest mysteries. [TVLine]

· Finally: Happy 70th birthday, Faye Dunaway! Let's rewatch her Oscar speech and the immortally arrogant opener: "I didn't expect this quite yet." [YouTube]


  • sosgemini says:

    Wait, this just looks like raw revenue data. No way in hell is this a proper list detailing profit.

  • Bob Baccu says:

    Um, this is revenue, not profit. A $150,000,000 can lose money you know and a $40,000,000 movie can make millions.
    Then again, this is the internet and it is about hollywood, who would expect anything real?

  • Read the original source - it's all explained there:
    "In making this calculation, we took the production budget, domestic and international box office and domestic DVD sales for each movie released during the year and calculated a rough total gross profit for the film. There's just one chart this week, but we think you'll find it interesting.
    To compare the profitability of this year's movies, we took the domestic and international box office for each movie and the domestic DVD sales to calculate a rough estimate of the revenue earned by the studio, once theater and retail profits are accounted for. Specifically, we took half the worldwide box office and added 1.5 times the domestic DVD sales (to account for the combination of domestic and international DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals). We then subtracted 1.5 times the movie's production budget (the extra 50% being a rough estimate of the marketing costs of the film).
    It's worth stressing that this is only a rough estimate of the profitability of each film. So don't treat the numbers below as meaning (for example) that Toy Story 3 earned nearly $500 million in profit. However, it's pretty clear that Toy Story 3 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse are the two top earning movies of 2010.
    One final note: this chart is updated in real time as we get numbers from the studios and track DVD sales. The movies not yet on DVD will climb this chart further in the months to come. In particular, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I might yet have a shot at number one."

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