Movieline's Week in Review: This Was For All the Tostitos

OK! What do you say we get out of here? Another exhilarating week down at Movieline HQ, with an altogether enthralling weekend to come: Capt. Dixon Gaines at the controls tomorrow and Sunday, and all hands on deck Sunday night for our Golden Globes Livetweet Potluck Orgy. Be there or be... whatever. Do whatever you want, just enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

· How do you cheer up a sad trailer-face? Tattoo an ice cream cone on it, I guess.

· Holy crap, what a week in interviews. Tostitos all around for Ron and Clint Howard, JJ Abrams, Michel Gondry, Jacki Weaver, Rosamund Pike, Allison Janney, Edgar Wright, Jay Chou, Mamie Gummer, Heather Morris and, if only for about 20 seconds, Matthew Morrison.

· Somehow, Sarah Palin and Robert McKee were forced to share a culture war.

· And 127 Hours and Toy Story 3 were somehow forced to share an Oscar-culture war.

· Week 11 of the SNL Relevancy Poll? Already?

· Charlie Sheen is out of control, and Marlon Brando couldn't be bothered to care.

· Glooooooooooooooooobessssssss!!!!!!!!

· Brent Musberger, wanker.

· No creepy mother is creepier than butter-colored Twilight sex. That is all.