Your Newest Viral Phenomenon: Sarah Palin Breathing

· Former TLC journeywoman Sarah Palin might be a dubious speaker and intellectual, but she's an unparalleled breather! In a new video, Palin's inhalations are clipped together in a bracing sequence. It's tenser than mumblecore -- it's breathcore. [YouTube]

· James Franco is heading up a student-run musical at Yale called James Franco Presents. Just like you guessed. [NYMag]

· Who else here could listen to Ian McKellen talk for hours? [ONTD]

· Kara DioGuardi may be touchy about discussing her American Idol exit, but I confess: Her songwriting competition show on Bravo, Platinum Hit, looks like a lot of fun. [Variety]

· Best day ever? Christina Hendricks's new Playboy photos have hit Twitter. [Jezebel]