The happythankyoumoreplease Trailer Leaves Us Hoping for More, Please

You should never really judge a film by its trailer, if only because, like books and their covers, the trailer only tells the part of the story marketing wants you to know. So, let's all give the new trailer for Josh Radnor's well-received 2010 Sundance Audience Award winner a pass...because, hoo boy, is this one horrible.

Written, directed and starring the How I Met Your Mother star, happythankyoumoreplease is presented as a precious indie in league with Zach Braff's Garden State. Hey, that's fine -- the world needs one of those movies every couple of years -- but why does the trailer just miss on so many occasions? The punchlines fall flat, the drama seems contrived, and not even the incredibly charming cast (among them, Movieline heroes Malin Akerman, Tony Hale, Kate Mara, Zoe Kazan and the aforementioned Radnor) can save what's presented here. But then that's just it -- what is presented here, beyond the usual stick-thin indie cliches? Based on the Sundance reviews, happythankyoumoreplease should be a bit meatier than this. Let's cross our fingers and hope so; it would be nice if Radnor could join Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris as How I Met Your Mother movie stars.

VERDICT: Pass on this trailer; wait and see on the movie.

[via Apple]