Someone Named Gucci Mane Got an Ice Cream Cone Tattooed on His Face

· I have literally never heard of Gucci Mane -- this is Movieline, not Du Jour-Rapper-line -- but upon being released from a mental health facility he got a tattoo of an ice cream cone on his face. Cured! Anyway, this needed to be passed along, so here you go. Click ahead to see Gucci's three new scoops and stick around for more Buzz Break.


[RapRadar via Vulture]

· Here's one way to impress your boss. Writer/director Richard Levine based Eddie Izzard's character in the excruciating Every Day on Glee creator Ryan Murphy. (Levine worked for Murphy on Nip/Tuck.) Was Levine's former boss happy with being portrayed as a crass and desperate producer? "I gave it to him and waited anxiously, and after a few days he told me he read it, and that he really liked it," Levine told the Times. "What had been gnawing at him is that he felt the script, which was obviously based on my life, revealed that I had contempt for my job. I really explained to him that at that point fiction had taken over from fact. Our relationship was tender for a bit until he trusted that I didn't look down on the job. I truly see Ryan as a mentor, and without his support on Nip/Tuck I would have never had the courage to direct a film." Shorter answer: He wasn't happy. [NYT]

· Good news for anyone who loves Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Shane Black -- the beefy action scribe responsible for Lethal Weapon and The Long Kiss Goodnight -- will direct an adaptation of the Japanese manga series Death Note. [Deadline]

· Chet Hanks (Chet Haze) speaks! "[My parents, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson] do know about [my rap career] and they share my excitement. And they're also very supportive, which is something I appreciate. It goes without saying that the support of my parents is something that I will never take for granted and I am very thankful for." [Celebritology 2.0]

· Here's another great interview with WTF podcaster Marc Maron. Enjoy! [City Paper]

· The account of Gabrielle Giffords opening her eyes for the first time will make you cry. FYI. [Daily Intel]


  • Davis Gambrel says:

    He was ugly enough without the tatto. Damm, what some of the blacks won't do for a little attention.

  • To anybody who is advocating tighter firearm legislation following the disaster in Tucson, might I put forth this mini light of reason: If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and forks make people obese ! Bear in mind: Hold the individual answerable for their behavior, not the inanimate objectthey chose to put to use.

  • Johnny Zipgun says:

    The percentage of Whites on the Welfare roll is 5.27%, while the Black percentage is 27.78%, consider that there are almost 230 million Whites making up 74.8% of the total US population, while Blacks number 38 million and make up 12.4% of the US population.. Now here's the kicker and the fact that throws cold water over this distorted argument; yes there are "slightly" more Whites on the Welfare rolls than Blacks, but the 229 million White people figure includes Hispanics.
    So proportionately the amount of Blacks on Welfare far exceeds any other racial group.
    No amount of lamp rubbing is going to change this.

  • Tracey says:

    What's next a candy bar on the cheek. That is just too stupid.

  • keisha says:

    "leave it to the blacks" the ignorant person who made that statement needs to take a look in the mirror and thank god for the ability to know every black person in this world to make such a statement. But god left out 1 and that is me, my family and friends. You dont know me or my family, so do not generalize, you are closet racist (only people who generalize on such a broad band ususally are). Think about what u say before u judge an entire race.

  • who cares says:

    There are like 30 people stating "facts" about welfare percentages... not one of them pointing to a source for their useless figures.
    Who cares what race he is or if the blogger knows who the hell he is, he is still an idiot for tattooing an ice cream cone on his face.
    Why did this blogger blog about something he knows nothing about? Does it matter? the whole purpose of this douche getting a tattoo on his face was for the attention. The purpose of it is for people to write about it.
    What fun would the internet be if everything was relevant and noone made fun of every stupid thing out there?

  • Tony says:

    Tats are generally hideous anyway; but this is way beyond hideous!! But what can you expect? Their "music" is the lowest form of all genres. Maybe he can find a way to completly cover his f-ugly face. Now that would be an improvement!!

  • me says:

    What amuses me most is that he makes more money than all you people and your stating welfare "facts". Why does his tattoo bother you so much? You people who refer to the "blacks",what's your issue? Money had absolutely nothing to do with this blog. I've seen more white people do ridiculous, ignorant things than any minority race. Did you hear about the shooting in Tucson? Guess what? Done by a white man. Have you seen his mugshot? No tattoos on his face but he looks ridiculous just the same. So the "whites" should look at their own race before degrading others.

  • mont says:

    this has turned stupid, it's about this idoit with a very stupid tattoo, but wait white people get their whole body tattooed, get their teeth filed down, and all that stupid stuff... is that acceptable?????? every race is on walfare it doesnt matter whose first, second or third...... grow up people

  • Rachel says:


  • kevin says:


  • Elliott Eleezythakid Burton says:

    yall are some haters. haha.