See How Michel Gondry Accepted Sony's Offer to Direct The Green Hornet

As the wonderful Michel Gondry told Movieline this week, his decision to direct The Green Hornet -- a film he had played footsie with since 1997 -- was not some desperate money grab, but rather the fruition of a lifelong dream: "I came into Hollywood trying to do this movie." Was Gondry nervous then when Sony finally offered him the opportunity? The director -- who is also quite the proficient sketch artist -- was kind enough to draw his feelings on the matter for Metro reporter Ned Ehrbar. Click ahead to see the results.


For reference, that says "my tricks," as in "bag of tricks." You'll also notice Sony is spelled with a Ke$ha-approved dollar sign. Inquiring minds will also want to know that Gondry gave Ehrbar a picture of testicles.

· Portrait of the Artist as a Studio Man [Metro]