Peter Fonda Found a Dead Body and 6 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

fonda_225.jpgAlso in this Thursday edition of The Broadsheet: Johnny Depp doesn't regret The Tourist... Paul Greengrass heads to Memphis... Dick Wolf unveils massive Law & Order: Los Angeles changes... and more ahead.

· Here's a crazy random story to start your morning: Peter Fonda found a dead body. The Easy Rider star was driving on Sunset Blvd. on Wednesday afternoon when he spotted a man slumped over the front seat of a parked car. According to TMZ, the death was a suicide and the body had been there for three days. [TMZ, AP]

· In non-celebrity-stumbles-upon-dead-person news: Johnny Depp has no regrets about making The Tourist. "I'd do it exactly the same," Depp told EW. "I wanted to work with Angelina [Jolie] and I felt like I had a good handle on the character. It was not a character that I'd really played before. I don't know the main ingredient of success at the box office. I just feel that's not something I can do anything about." If only his character in The Tourist was a pirate. [EW]

· Looks like Paul Greengrass isn't going to direct Cleopatra. The director has reportedly decided on Memphis as his next film. Based on Greengrass' own script and research, Memphis would follow the life of Martin Luther King as he organizes the titular city's sanitation workers in the spring of 1968, right before his assassination. No star or studio is attached, but apparently Scott Rudin and Focus Features are kicking the tires. [Vulture]

· We don't need no stinkin' the! Your first look at the logo for Lone Ranger has arrived. Click through to be meh'd. [Jerry Bruckheimer Films]

· Dick Wolf is nothing if not a tinkerer. The Law & Order kingpin announced sweeping changes to the sputtering Law & Order: Los Angeles. Original star Skeet Ulrich is gone from the Law side of things, and he'll be replaced by current Order impresario Alfred Molina. This means that both Molina and Terrence Howard -- who played another D.D.A. opposite Molina -- will appear on every episode. [Deadline]

· In other NBC news: The planned reboot of The Rockford Files is not going forward. [Deadline]

· Maybe we'll find out what Cillian Murphy was up to after all! Harry Knowles reports that Disney is very closing to announcing a sequel to Tron: Legacy. [Ain't It Cool]