Bride of Chucky Forced Oprah to Eat 30 Pounds of Mac and Cheese

OprahMacCheese225.jpgLast week, Oprah Winfrey was criticized for spending 18 minutes preaching about the power of hopes and dreams. To prove that she is not just a motivational speaker sent from God (as she herself insinuated within that lengthy sermon), Oprah sat down with Piers Morgan for his first CNN show determined to prove that she is indeed human. Exhibit A: Back in 1998, Oprah succumbed to Bride of Chucky-related depression and binge-ate 30 pounds worth of macaroni and cheese.

It wasn't the death of Jennifer Tilly's character in the Child's Play installment that made her hopeless, it was the fact that the Ronny Yu horror film outperformed Beloved -- the Toni Morrison adaptation she produced and starred in -- during its opening weekend. Watch the excerpt from Piers Morgan Tonight below.

[via CNN]


  • The Winchester says:

    The decades-long argument between me and my college roommate over which film people would still be relevant 13 years later Bride of Chucky or What Dreams May Come, is finally over!
    Suck it Jay! You owe me a calzone!