25 New Nicknames for Snooki, Who Might (Gasp) Drop 'Snooki'

snookifight500.jpgYou heard right: The cartwheeling Jersey Shore star, AKA Nicole Polizzi, wants to drop the nickname that made her famous. "I miss my real name. I miss people calling me Nicole," she told the AP. Now, now, Snooki: Maybe you just need a fresher sobriquet! We have 25 available for trademarking.

1. Chicken NicNugget

2. Stumpkin

3. Ehhhh!

4. Vajazzabeth

5. T.J. Snooker

6. Archangelina

7. Pixar-Animated SmartCar

8. Guidon't

9. Elf

10. The Un-Sammi

11. A Hat Rack Where Cher Hangs Her Old Parts

12. Nicole Jerseynger

13. Toast

14. Poof the Magic Drag Queen

15. StankWOWW

16. Smidget

17. Boshi

18. "Murph"

19. Oprah

20. The Very Hungry Caterwauler

21. Humpty

22. Dumpty

23. Boardwalk Empress

24. Willa Cather

25. Chaz


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