Today in Random Awards Season Conspiracies: Tila Tequila Pulls for TSN, The Facebook Effect Does Not

With awards season dragging on for months, it's no wonder that people with even a passing interest in "the race" become Harry Caul-like in their conspiracy-searching intensity. It's this mindset that leads us to "Steak Eaters," Norbit, and all the other close reads of theories and questions which we probably wouldn't care much about otherwise. Like these! Is Tila Tequila the latest star to put her weight behind The Social Network? And is the release of an eight-month old book in paperback underwritten by Harvey Weinstein?

Nope. But it is fun to speculate. First up, Tequila: In an A1 story in Wednesday's New York Times about the fall of MySpace, the social network-created star reveals she is firmly on Team Facebook.

"I just lost my passion for MySpace," she said in an interview, adding that she does not even remember her MySpace password, even though her page still lists 3.7 million fans. "I haven't logged on because it's not simple anymore."

Chalk up another supporter for The Social Network.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, Scott Feinberg reports that many industry bloggers received an advanced copy of the paperback edition of The Facebook Effect, David Kirkpatrick's authorized history of Facebook that came out in hardcover last June. In the press notes, was this doozy: "So you think you know the real story of how Facebook was created? There is that nice film out there with a great script by Aaron Sorkin, but unfortunately that is just it, a script." Is this some underground sleeper campaign for The King's Speech to push The Social Network out of the frontrunner position? Here's hoping the Oscar Index can sort all this stuff out later today. In the meantime, back to the pops and hisses...

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